Meet the Team

This is Natasha! This is Taeya!

Jenna Aalten

She Takes Photos

Natasha Chowdry

She Drinks Coffee

Taeya Doornbos

She Does Markets

This is Kim! This is Serene!

Rebecca Harrington

She Does Graphics

Kim Hiyashi

She Also Does Markets

Serene Steegstra

She Ties Up Loose Ends

 Sasha Van De Keere

She Makes the Jewelry

Bethany Zimmerman

She Does Instagram

Who is Whimsy's?

Well you are actually. We seek to provide accessories that fit each woman's uniqueness, individuality and beauty. This is a never ending mission that we will continue to strive for. Being a "whimsy woman" is all about the celebration of the diversity of incredible women in the world and to provide accessories for all the situations she might interact with every day. 

Our goal is to be a jewelry company that seeks to provide whimsical, diverse and affordable jewelry. A hot air balloon as a logo seemed like the perfect fit because being in a hot air balloon is a truly whimsical experience - it is playful, quaint & fanciful. 

Whether you're new to the Whimsy Tribe or have been with us since 2016, we are so grateful for your loyalty and support. Thanks for saying hi to us at markets, visiting us at the stores we are stocking at or socializing online! We wouldn't be here without you and we are honoured to be chosen by you and all your whimsical experiences! 

Cheers to you!

<3 The Whimsy Team



Omful Lounge Chilliwack, BC
Whitetail Collections Chilliwack, BC
Windsor Greenhouse Abbotsford, BC
Dlux Treasure for your Home Langley, BC
The Crooked Corner
Langley, BC
Phoenix Rising
Langley, BC
This Is It Gifts Langley, BC
Chuckling Duckling  Fort Langley, BC
Lotus & Lemon Grass Maple Ridge, BC
Looby Doo White Rock, BC
Sunday Small Goods Vancouver, BC
Two Trees Tofino, BC
Luna & Leigh North Battleford, SK

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